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Product Liability for Food Products
Insurance for food vendors, food trailers and food carts


Product Liability for Artists & Crafters
Insurance for artists, crafters and tradesmen


Beauty Insurance
Insurance for massage therapists, cosmetologists, & makeup artists.


Short Term Insurance
Insurance for artists, crafters and tradesmen

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Why? Marriage Status Is Necessary For a Business Insurance Quote
Marital status is just one among many rating factors (risk factors) commercial insurance companies may use in determining your business insurance
Benefits of a Business Owner's Policy
In past articles, we have discussed the idea that a business owner’s insurance policy, or BOP, may be a good starting point for your new or small business. A BOP can cover many risks associated with a business while keeping the premium you pay in balance with a small business.

A business owner’s insurance policy is generally quite inclusive. It is important for you as a business owner to review the specific coverage in detail with your licensed insurance professional. However, it is important to review the exclusions. You need to know what is not covered as well as what is. Here are some of the common exclusions to a BOP you want to be aware of as you consider a business owner’s insurance policy.

How to Save Money on Commercial Insurance
Whether you own a retail shop, an auto repair shop, you’re a chiropractor or a dentist, you have insurance on your business and property. Like other business owners, you are feeling a squeeze and looking to reduce costs and we are often asked, “How can my businesses save some money without giving up anything?”

Unfortunately, while not an easy answer, there are steps a business owner can take to try and reduce their commercial insurance costs.

Typically, General Liability rates have been ticking up. That doesn’t stop a smart owner from partnering with a good licensed commercial insurance agent to find ways to save some money.

Commercial Vehicle: Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments
We’ll begin with defining “commercial vehicle,” giving a general overview of personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments (med pay), and then examining a few differences between the two as they relate to commercial vehicle insurance.

In general, a “commercial vehicle” is considered to be any vehicle used for business purposes. It can encompass a wide range, from your personal automobile in which you deliver your produce to the local farmer’s market, to the trucks used for your construction company and beyond.

The Difference Between a Captive and Independent Insurance Agency
An independent insurance agency is a company which sells insurance from one or more insurers, thus offering a wide range of choices from which their clients can choose. Captive commercial insurance agencies are limited to selling insurance from only one insurance carrier, that of their parent company and its affiliates.

Independent Commercial Insurance Agencies:

Along with providing a variety of insurance carriers, independent insurance agencies are thought to offer their clients greater customization of policies, the potential for substantial savings in premiums from comparing those policies and are seen as representing you, the client and not an individual insurance provider. An independent insurance agent is not employed by the insurance providers which are represented by the agency. They are generally paid on commission or a percentage of the total price of the policy sold to their client.

Does Business Insurance Come in a One Size Fits All Policy?
Is business insurance different for different types of businesses? Is engineers’ insurance the same as architect’s insurance and is, say, a doctor’s insurance all the same thing? The answer is simply, no, and yes. Let’s explore what that means. Every business needs at least one liability policy which we have discussed previously. A quick summary is that a liability policy will cover injuries caused to a third party. Depending on the business, the size, the assets, and corporate structure will determine the types of liability policy for that business. For example, a doctor will carry malpractice insurance like an engineer or architect, but the limits may, or may not, be higher. The architect and engineer may carry errors and omissions insurance where the doctor’s office may not. Each business should carry a property and casualty policy to insure for losses against real or personal property. It might make sense to look at a business owner’s policy depending on the size and assets of the business. We will examine business owner’s policies in the next segment in greater detail.